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Quiz Rumble is a
True or False Quiz with
GPS Matching System!

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Key Features

Multiplayer with GPS

  • Play together with others! The fun gets better!

  • Our game specially designed to be able to play even on subways!


Collect Cute characters

  • When you play the character's favorite category, you can collect the bonus.

Exciting Fever mode
  • The game gets hotter and faster as you continuously get the right answer!

  • The higher the fever multiplier the more score you will get!


Broad categories

  • Collect coins and unlock your favorite subjects to play

  • Try out our Social quizzes which you make the answer.


Game Screen

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Store Review

"Love the concept.. you learn while playing! Kudos to the devs!"

"Love this game! Never thought that quiz game could be addictive!"

"Super fun and addicting! Love the cute character and graphics!"

"What's the best thing about casual games? You don't notice time flying away while playing them ;) what a game tbh"

"I feel so smart because of this game."

QuizRumble Connect

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