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Toto Bear : Game © 2024 XOGAMES Inc
Toto Bear IP © NAVER WEBTOON, All rights reserved.

Meet Toto Bear, the fluffy agent from the magical forest.

Take part in his cute foodie adventure to save his world!

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Key Features

Totobear drawing
Totobear yoga

- Finish your daily tasks with Toto!

- Try out new jobs and collect peaches!

- Interact with different characters by visiting the shops in town! 

- Decorate Toto's room and give him new outfits!

- Fill your photo album with cute pictures!

Game Screen

Totobear house
Totobear room
Totobear lei
Totobear corn dog
Totobear gift shop
Totobear snap
Totobear town
Totobear eating

Store Review

Totobear review box

“Cutest game ever!”

“Getting daily dose of positive energy from Toto”

“Toto is such a foodie! Lol!!”

​“It's fun to keep up with and I enjoyed little tasks!”

“Keep checking my bear to come back.”


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